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PiL Advertising Agency

PiL Advertising Agency was founded by Mr. Leszek Jaworski in 1992. We try all the time to focus on increasing our technological and design potential.

We are able to implement simple projects such: leaflets, business cards, websites, etc. and more complex advertising projects like large format advertising, free-standing billboards, visual identification systems, comprehensive solutions for restaurants - menuboards. We use friendly specialists from the construction, steel, carpentry and internet industries while remaining the entity managing the entire project. We provide our services for small one-person companies and joint-stock companies listed on the WSE. Currently, our company headquarters is located in Opole at Józefa Cygana 3 Street.

We provide our clients with comprehensive services ranging from business cards, advertising folders, product packaging bags, advertising gadgets to light boxes & letters.

If you are looking for a trusted advertising agency that will not only fulfill your order, but also advise you on how to improve it, choose us.

Thank you to the customers who trusted us...